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Hey traveler! Are you ready to travel in Athens? Take a sneaky look at hotels with swimming pool and choose your favorite:

Athens is nice, a real nice big city, most of the sights and  attractions for visitors are located in the centre. In the center of Athens, you can find the Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Zeus, Ancient Agora and many other sites and sights.

if you want to visit them all and quickly, it makes sense to stay in one of the hotels with swimming pool in Athens. Which they are a lot and we filter them for you. This gives you a central location from which to enjoy and explore the birthplace of democracy.

These are the hotels with swimming pool

hotels in Athens

Oasis Hotel Apartments

This 4-star hotel is in the Athens Riviera and features comfortable and spacious suites and apartments, and has an adjoining conference center. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel, apartments,...

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hotels in Athens

Grecotel Pallas Athena

Stay in the Center of Athens! In a great location. Centrally located, Grecotel Pallas Athena is next to Athens City Hall. It has uniquely decorated accommodations with arty details. Facilities...

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hotels in Athens

Athens Odeon Hotel

In the central Piraeus Street, Athens Odeon features elegantly decorated rooms with free Wi-Fi access. It is within walking distance of metro stations and Monastiraki area. Athens Odeon Hotel rooms...

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The Athens Gate Hotel

Stay in the Center of Athens! In excellent location. This hotel has a prestigious location in the historic heart of Athens. It offers 4-star facilities, excellent views of the Acropolis...

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Noma Hotel

Stay in the Center of Athens! Located in the Athens City Centre of Athens, a 3-minute walk from Monastiraki Square, Noma Hotel has air-conditioned rooms and free WiFi. The property...

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Kefalari Suites

Located in the heart of Kifissia, within walking distance of the exclusive shopping district and well-known restaurants, this boutique hotel offers free wireless internet access and a rooftop hot tub....

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Pan Hotel

Stay in the Center of Athens! In excellent location. Located in Athens, 200 m from Syntagma Square, the family-owned Pan Hotel has been operating since the 1960’s. It features air-conditioned...

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Athens Ikon

Stay in the Center of Athens! In excellent location. One of our best sellers in Athens! Well situated in the Athens City Centre of Athens, Athens Ikon has free WiFi...

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Green Hill Hotel

Located in the northern suburbs of Athens, just 0.6 mi from Iraklion Railway Station, Green Hill Hotel features a pool with sun terrace and a pool bar. Continental breakfast is...

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Divani Caravel

Stay in the Center of Athens! In a great location. One of our top picks in Athens.This luxury Athens hotel is ideally located in the heart of Athens. It features...

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Domotel Kastri

Featuring free WiFi in all areas, Domotel Kastri offers pet-friendly accommodations in the Northern Suburbs of Athens City. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant and bar, while a fitness center...

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The area around Athens

Anafiotika, koukaki, plaka and Theissio, are the main neighbourhoods of Acropolis.  The main area called Makrigianni, start from Hadrian’s Arch and extends till Thissio.

This is a paved region under the shade of Acropolis and within a walking distance from the city centre.

Athens’ top sight is the Acropolis and its jewel is the Parthenon. This epic monument soars above the city, and on the hill’s southern slopes, a fabulous modern museum holds its treasures.

A pedestrian promenade links the two – it’s a tourist throughway, but also a favourite spot for locals to enjoy a sundown stroll.

Further south, the neighbourhoods of Makrygianni and Koukaki deliver a slice of residential Athens life and offer reliable hotels, hip bars and restaurants, and cool craft shops and boutiques.

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Things to Know before booking a hotels with swimming pool

All the hotels near to Acropolis come in a luxury category of 5-star which being the most luxurious. A 4  star hotel corresponds to A Category near to luxury, 3-star to B-Category and so on.

Please note this, the difference in hotel categories does not always have to mean that a hotel is better than another. That is because there are different degrees within a category.

Not officially but this is how it works, you can check it on google. A travel agency will describe a hotel as a high C-Category or B-superior. That is because you can have a C-Category that is a better quality than a B. (In some of the Greek islands you can find C-Category hotels that are as good or better than A).

So what are the categories for? Those categories for hotels near to Acropolis has to do with a number of variables such as size of the lobby, breakfast room, room size, security.

Of course the price depends on the category but you can find 3 star hotels that are cheaper than the most expensive C class hotel.

All this does not matter really because what you are looking for is something clean, friendly, centrally located and with AC should you need it, and you want the best hotel for the price.

But if you are a backpacker on a budget and winging it then book directly with one of the C-category hotels I list.

We strongly suggest booking your Athens hotel even if you are not planning to book any hotels until you get to Greece.

Why not book in advance and stay in a pretty decent economy hotel rather then arrive in Athens, wander around for a couple hours and end up in a dump?

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Why booking a hotels with swimming pool

You are staying very , very close to the center. If you plan to visit Parthenon in Acropolis or Thissio then you can just walk some minutes. The center of Athens it is only 10 minutes way with out need to  grab metro train.

The distance between Acropolis area and the center it is magic, walking between history and historical buildings you will feel hard emotions. so it is really worth to book a hotel there in the area around.

Keep in mind that, booking near Acropolis or plaka or syntagma square always you are in the center of Athens.

Looking for extra benefits on the hotels with swimming pool in Athens

Hot to get on the hotel in Athens

There are several ways to aproach your hotel.

If you came from Athens airport Eleytherios Venizelos then jump on the metro. Your destination station is “Acropolis station” after 35 – 38  minutes.

If you came from Piraeus port , then  jump to suburban train. Keep in mint for “Monastiraki station” and switch to metro  train just for one stop on “Acropolis station”, all this is it less than 30 minute of traveling with one small ticket fee. No, will not buy an extra ticket to switch from suburban to metro train! You will use the same because has 90  minutes travel limit.

What to see and must visit in Athens

Athens hotels with swimming pool, what else is nearby

The neighbourhood of Acropolis, also called Makrigianni, start from Hadrian’s Arch and extends till Thissio, but it is not the only sight which  you can visit.

Your visit to the Acropolis and environs will start at the Thission electric subway or acropolis metro station station. So, here is the list with nearby sights of Acropolis. Please click on the bold title of each area to read more details.

Temple of Olympian Zeus -The Temple of Olympian Zeus, also known as the Olympieion or Columns of the Olympian Zeus, is a former colossal temple at the center of the Greek capital Athens. It was dedicated to “Olympian” Zeus, a name originating from his position as head of the Olympian gods.

Hadrian’s Arch  -The Arch of Hadrian, most commonly known in Greek as Hadrian’s Gate, is a monumental gateway resembling – in some respects – a Roman triumphal arch. It spanned an ancient road from the center of Athens, Greece, to the complex of structures on the eastern side of the city that included the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Thissio – Is one of the most sought-after and well-situated neighbourhoods in Athens. As it includes the pedestrianised Apostolou Pavlou street that rings the Acropolis, you’d expect Thissio to be far more touristy—much like nearby Koukaki or Monastiraki.

Acropolis – The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon.

Propylaia – In ancient Greek architecture, a propylaea, propylea or propylaia is a monumental gateway. The prototypical Greek example is the propylaea that serves as the entrance to the Acropolis of Athens.

Erechtheion – The area around the Erechtheion was considered the most sacred of the Acropolis. It is a complex marble building in the Ionic order, an exceptional artwork. The eastern part of the Temple was dedicated to Athena, whilst the western part was dedicated to local hero Boutes, Hephaistos and other gods and heroes. Thus, the Erechtheion was a temple with multiple functions, housing older and newer cults.

Parthenon – The Parthenon is a former temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron. Construction began in 447 BC when the Athenian Empire was at the peak of its power.

Ancient Agora – The ancient Agora of Athens is the best-known example of an ancient Greek agora, located to the northwest of the Acropolis and bounded on the south by the hill of the Areopagus and on the west by the hill known as the Agoraios Kolonos, also called Market Hill.

Stoa of Attalos – The Stoa of Attalos (also spelled Attalus) was a stoa (covered walkway or portico) in the Agora of Athens, Greece. It was built by and named after King Attalos II of Pergamon, who ruled between 159 BC and 138 BC.

Temple of Hyphaestus – The Temple of Hephaestus or Hephaisteion or earlier as the Theseion, is a well-preserved Greek temple; it remains standing largely intact. It is a Doric peripteral temple, and is located at the north-west side of the Agora of Athens.

Herakleidon Street plateau – Near Agion Asomaton Street, turning left at Apostolou Pavlou Street. Walking past the tall trees and tables of the local cafés, you will soon reach the Herakleidon Street square. This area, a magnet for the young and the hip, buzzes with life.

Herakleidon Museum – The Herakleidon Museum is a must see when you are in Athens if you’re into science and technology, creative arts or just of a curious mind. This museum is packed with information and displays for children and adults alike and is easily accessible on the way to the Acropolis.

Church of Santa Marina – The impressive church of Saint Marina (Agia Marina) in Thissio is situated on the Hill of the Nymphs near the Observatory. The church’s foundations were laid in 1922 based on the architectural drawings of Achilleas Georgiadis on the site of an older, 19th century, church.

Dome of the Athens Observatory – The National Observatory of Athens is a research institute in Athens, Greece. Founded in 1842, it is the oldest research foundation in Greece, as it was the first scientific research institute built after Greece became independent in 1829, and one of the oldest research institutes in Southern Europe.

Archaeological site of Pnyka – The Pnyx or Pnyka is a ancent hill in central Athens, the capital of Greece. Beginning as early as 507 BC, the Athenians gathered on the Plyka to host their popular assemblies, thus making the hill one of the earliest and most important sites in the creation of democracy.

Philopappos hill and Monument – The Philopappos Monument is an ancient Greek mausoleum and monument dedicated to Gaius Julius Antiochus Epiphanes Philopappos or Philopappus, a prince from the Kingdom of Commagene. It is located on Mouseion Hill in Athens, Greece, southwest of the Acropolis.

Church of Saint Dimitrios – The Church of Agios Dimitrios Loumbardiaris is located on Philopappos Hill, on the way to Pnyka and the Monument of Philopappou.

Socrates’ Prison – Controversy surrounds the precise location of Socrates’ prison after he was condemned to death; local tradition places the prison on Apostolou Pavlou, a pedestrian street near Thisson. This rock cave, its entrance covered with iron bars, is believed by many to be where Socrates spent his final hours before drinking the fatal poison.

Areopagus the court of Ancient Athens – The Areopagus is a prominent rock outcropping located northwest of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Its English name is the Late Latin composite form of the Greek name Areios Pagos, translated “Hill of Ares”.

Herod Atticus Odeon – The Odeon of Herodes Atticus is a stone Roman theater structure located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis of Athens, Greece. The building was completed in 161 AD and then renovated in 1950.

Elias Lalaounis jewellery museum – Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum is a museum in Athens, Greece, created by the renowned Greek jewellery designer Ilias Lalaounis. The ILJM is located near the Acropolis, at the corner of Karyatidon and Kallisperi streets.

Acropolis Museum – The Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Athens. The museum was built to house every artifact found on the rock and on the surrounding slopes, from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece.

Theatre of Dionysus – The Theatre of Dionysus is an ancient theatre in Athens on the south slope of the Akropolis hill, built as part of the sanctuary of Dionysos Eleuthereus. The first orchestra terrace was constructed on the site around the mid- to late-sixth century BC, where it hosted the City Dionysia.

What you can do in Athens - must do!

How to choose hotels with swimming pool in Athens

If you want to experience warm hospitality in the heart of Athens a few steps from Acropolis and parthenon, then you are choosing the right place. By choosing a hotel near Acropolis  you choose to stay at Athens historic center. Everything is near, the train metro station, the Acropolis museum and center it is only some minutes of walking away. Most hotels in the area are 4 or 5 stars hotels with great rooms, facilities and views . If you choose a high floor then almost all top attractions in Athens, including the Acropolis, Plaka, Monastiraki, will viewed from room’s windows.

The best hotels with swimming pool

hotels in Athens

Pan Hotel

Stay in the Center of Athens! In excellent location. Located in Athens, 200 m from Syntagma Square, the family-owned Pan Hotel has been operating since the 1960’s. It features air-conditioned...

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hotels in Athens

Nicola Hotel

Nicola Hotel is a quiet, friendly hotel offering free parking and free Wi-Fi, right by Park Dikastirion and close to central Athens. The hotel is decorated in the traditional style...

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hotels in Athens

Blue Sea Hotel Alimos

Located in Alimos, just 300 m from the beach, Blue Sea Hotel Alimos offers tastefully decorated accommodations with free Wi-Fi and has a bar. The city centers of Athens and...

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hotels in Athens

Kefalari Suites

Located in the heart of Kifissia, within walking distance of the exclusive shopping district and well-known restaurants, this boutique hotel offers free wireless internet access and a rooftop hot tub....

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hotels in Athens

Herodion Hotel

Stay in the Center of Athens! In excellent location. Located at the foot of the Acropolis, Herodion Hotel offers elegantly decorated air-conditioned rooms. It has a beautiful roof garden with...

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hotels in Athens

Domotel Kastri

Featuring free WiFi in all areas, Domotel Kastri offers pet-friendly accommodations in the Northern Suburbs of Athens City. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant and bar, while a fitness center...

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Luxury hotels near Acropolis

You must know about Athens

Athens, Greece is a popular tourist destination with a lot to offer to its visitors.
Even though Athens isn’t the largest European capital, there are still a lot to see and do and choosing where to go and how, can be confusing.


Steeped in war and intrigue, culture and myth through the ages, it’s easy to see how Attica & Athens became the heart of the civilised world.

Hotels near acropolis

Rich history of Athens is very much evident today as you take in the sights and sounds of Athens, one of the many key cities in the region.


No other area can lay claim to so many historical events and important cities as Attica. Indeed, it is in cities such as Eleusis, Megara and Marathon that democracy, philosophy and poetry (all Greek words, by the way) originated.


1. Most people speak good English
You will very surprised that most people spoke very decent English. You will not  have a problem with communicating with locals a single time. Also Greek is a very beautiful and smooth language and with your tip in Athens maybe you will learn some words.


2. Athens is Europe’s oldest capital
Records show the city’s origins go back to around 3,400 years ago, also making it one of the oldest cities in the world. Keep in mind, Athens has experienced almost every form of goverment. Having been inhabited for over 4,000 years, Athens has been submitted to nearly every form of government known to this day: monarchy, democracy, socialism, even capitalism.


3. The food is great, really great
You will love the Greek cuisine and food.. Mediocre Gyros with a lot of Tsatsiki, however this is not what greek food is all about. The food in Greece is absolutely delicious.

Try delicious Souvlaki but also other delicious traditional meals at the first museum for greek gastronomy. A great museum that tries to show you the variety of greek cuisine. The good thing about it, is that it also has a restaurant where it also shows you how delicious the cuisine is. Practice what you preach! I love it!


4. Athens has the most theatrical stages in the world
It’s understandable that the Greeks take theater very seriously, as the tradition of theater dates back to the time of Athens’ first democracy – so much so that Athens is home to 148 theater stages, more than the West End and Broadway combined.


5. Fuel with greek coffee and feel the energy
There’s a saying in Greek: “I’ll pay the coffee, you pay the tavern!” (Whoever says it first picks up the smaller tab.) Coffee in Athens is a treat: the city has no shortage of top-rated cafes and expertly roasted beans.


6. Don’t dismiss the wine
With roughly 6,500 years of wine production, there’s a lot more to Greek wine than the Mediterranean Manischewitz that is retsina. Distribution outside of Greece is still limited, so seize the opportunity to drink in Athens, where a string of wine bars have popped up across the city. Trust the advice of the knowledgeable bartenders, who will send you off with greek wine.


7. Use your feet
Driving in Athens is not for the faint-hearted. Buses and vehicles jostle for space, pedestrians dart into the street, and just when you think you’ve gotten the hang of it, a motorbike blasts by, narrowly missing you. The metro is cheap (1.40 euros for a 90-minute ride) and a lot of stations have archaeological exhibits, but it doesn’t cover the whole city. If your preferred mode of transportation is walking, then Athens is your favorite place. However, Athenian sidewalks are tiny, often full of parked cars, and have at least three different textured tiles on each street. If you are traveling in a wheelchair or with a stroller, be aware that maneuvering may be difficult or nearly impossible in some neighborhoods.


8. The metro is your best friend
Unlike many other European capitals, the metro system in Athens is quite simple and easy to navigate. With only three lines covering the entire city, there is no risk of getting onto the wrong line or off at the wrong stop. The historic centre is adequately covered and can even be reached by foot, if necessary. With cheap public transport prices, take advantage of it. Besides, you can also admire a few historic artifacts in several metro stations.


9. Nightlife starts late
If you plan on a night out at the clubs, don’t plan anything before midnight, as you can be sure there won’t be anybody there but you. Greeks live late and tend to go out at around 1 am. Before, they are usually still dining out or simply getting ready. The night ends when the sun comes up, so get ready to dance and party for a while.


10. Athens Is a Huge City
There’s no getting around it, Athens is huge. While the central areas of Syntagma Square and Plaka are relatively compact, to get to places farther afield you might want to cab it. Alternatively, you can hop on the metro, which is sleek and modern with cool nods to the past, especially at the Monastiraki (pictured below) and Evangelismos stations, where ancient ruins are exposed. Note that it mostly shuts down between 12:30am and 5:30am and can be very crowded during rush hour. Trips to the airport take about 45 minutes from Syntagma Square and require a special 10 euro (~$12) ticket; the X95 airport bus costs just 5 euros (~$6) and runs 24 hours a day.

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